© 2014 Gay Goessling. All rights reserved.

© 2014 Gay Goessling. All rights reserved.

The Song of the Flower

Created by Gay Goessling

The Song of the Flower is the sacred geometric signature each flower transmits outwardly to reconnect us with ourselves. With the help of each flower, Gay Goessling, artist, identifies and paints watercolor flower mandalas that transmit these signatures.  Each Mandela has its own unique vibration, sacred geometry and qualities that inspire us to look deep within and connect with the messages the flower is vibrating. Each Flower Song Mandela includes and connects to the whole of the flower: the geometric shapes, flower parts, and color. The uses for each Flower Song are up to you. They can be used as Artwork for the walls; meditation; flower essence support; and also, as inspiration for reconnecting to our parts we need to acknowledge and recognize our wholeness as spiritual beings.



Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of the sacred geometry of Man inspired my quest to paint the sacred geometry of flowers. Each plant is the original light-being that alchemizes light into matter. The flowers reproductive organs are the beginning of the alchemy and hold an abundance of energy to help us with our transformation. All flowers have their own energy patterns and vibrations. Buddhists and Egyptians have known for centuries about the healing vibration of the lotus flower and have used this knowledge with herbal healing, art and meditation.

Guided by essential oils, flower essences, and the architecture of sacred space, I have used the sacred geometry to create and paint the individual Song of the Flower. Each painting reveals the flower’s beauty and healing properties.  I am inspired to listen for the flower’s song and echo it back to all that want to hear. I love that they have graced me with their songs. Thank you plant and flower kingdom for your song, beauty and healing.

'I sing about plant life throughout the world. I am singing to them to have them come to me, stay and continue. This is true for all things. We listen to the natural world for its songs and sing the songs back to them. In doing so, the natural world will in return help us.'  -  Corbin Harney (Shoshone Elder), The Nature Way