In Progress…

August 29,2014

I am excited to launch my new website the Song of the Flower. It has been almost 2 years of communicating with the flowers to create Song of the Flower. As fall approaches, the dog days of summer have lulled me into the sleepy peace that comes with the warm heat and soft smells. The insect chants a comforting rhythmic sound that can only be heard in the summers in St Louis Missouri. The plants  are maintaining what growth they have and are not pushing to create. It is like we are all in a fantasy dream world found in a Maxfield Parrish painting. The moon will be full in little over a week, which will add the mystical glow to all the flowers that are blooming. I love this time of year and mourn the end of summer. I am a warm weather person and love the flowers that come with it. For now, I am content loving the heat and enjoying beautiful tall Boneset flowers buzzing with bees, the Borage flowers and the Brown-Eyed Susan.

Enjoy the peace,